What’s in 

It’s the beginning of march 2017 and here are some new trends I’ve seen. 

Firstly the rose gold fad isn’t over, now that ever ones jerker boxes and houses are filled with these popularly colored accessories there is only one place left to go, hair.  Rose gold hair is in, at first I though that sounded really cool but it’s just like a pale brown mixed with blonde.  I’m a fan of classy but extreme hair trends, in fact my fav is the white hair, I’m hoping it sticks around this year too. 

Platform sandals, platform sneakers, actually platform anything. 

I would probably do the platform sneakers if I didn’t have an extremely high risk of falling, I’m prone to that… more often than not haha. 

Stress balls are in, obnoxious neon and characterd exterior. 

Suede purses, especially in gray with gold hardware. 

Fashion is honestly weird I noticed this as a child but cutting edge fashion is anything that would make you cringe while comparing it to current trends. 

Silk patterned coats and dresses

White nails 

I want this year to. E inspired by David Bowie, i don’t like the “90s sitcom look” so I’m bringing back edgy chaos. 

Tape some screws to your bandage covered eyes and rock it. 


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