Winter trends

I can’t get enough of the thigh high boots since my wardrobe consists mostly of black leggings I’m partial to the tan suede thigh highs. I like them to be distinct and obviously boots not blending into my pants.
Velvet thick heeled 90s ankle boots.

It’s no secret that the 90s are in and that will be reflected in a lot of the fashion throughout the year.

Lots of finger bands.

Privies of string tied to look like rings.  A Jonny Depp Vibe for sure.

Rose gold and nude nail polish

Y’all … get ready …nude lips are coming back too….  and lip gloss. I remember having an almost clear gloss with a hint of peach. I felt like Christina Augulara.

Now outside of the 90s vein- yes some of us won’t indulge in that wing of fashion.

Lip Oil!

Lip oil is the next trend. No longer will you just put oils in your hair and in your body your lips will be naturally supple?

It feels odd at first, being partial to thick substances like chapstick.

This next item has made several comebacks and I’m not complaining…. JELLIES!

In high school, i took it a step further and had see through clear plastic sneakers.

The sandals are the most fun for sure.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips and blurbs


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